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Entity, Business, Contracts, Capital Raising Startups

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Learn the basics of business startups, growth and funding. Learn the exemptions and Reg D registration required by the SEC.  Learn the Founders protections and contract provisions.


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Tech Startups, Entertainment Startups, Small Business Startups

Successful business owners, investors and participants not only set up entity structures that work for the business structure but also for asset, estate, and tax protections. There is often a trade-off for gaining one over the other, but options should be considered. One key thought often overlooked it, what should we do to protect from lawsuits? Should we consider structuring more than one entity or contractual structures to allow for protection of ownership rights of Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, and brand products?
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eCommerce, Technology, Internet, SocialMedia and Media Contracts & Litigation (Saas, Consulting, Startups, Employment, Licensing, Development, Maintenance, Support, Disclaimers, Indemnity, Independent Contractor; Owners Asset Protections)

Entertainment Startups:
Film, Music, TV, Writers, Producers, Directors
Entity Structures; Capital Raising Structures & Exemptions
A+ JOBS Act Funding Structures

Small Business & Real Estate Startups:
Options must be considered regarding whether the business is an LLC, small business corporation, whether its an S or C, whether its domiciled in California or another jurisdiction, whether its a joint venture or co-counder entity, and whether the IP is owned in one entity and licensed to another. Not all structures or entities are created equally.

Asset & Estate Protections:

Options should be considered upfront on whether the owners, investors or rights holders should take extra measures to protect its rights, money flow, IP and brands from creditors, third party lawsuits or other owners or contracting parties.  Certain structures in California allow for special protections including the Private Retirement Trust, ERISA Pension, etc.

The average employment contract is fine for that common purpose but have you ever asked if that’s the only proper purpose it could serve? Should you consider an employment contract coordinated with a Buy Out Poison Pill structure. Should you consider structures that make lawsuit and bankruptcy offense and or defense favorable?